What Is A VPN Concentrator And How Does It Work?

If you have heard a thing or two about VPNs, you might want to know something about a VPN concentrator. It can be super helpful when it comes to managing networks, but many people still don’t know what it is.

Generally speaking, VPN concentrators are specific devices that allow numerous VPN tunnels to utilize the same network. But you may ask the next question — what are these VPN tunnels? Simply put, they are protected connections that apply encryption algorithms to secure the data transferring across the net.

What does it mean?

VPN concentrators apply specific protocols to launch and control VPN tunnels. Their main function is to guard the connection against hackers. They wrap the data from your computer into packets using encryption technologies and then transfer it further via the secured tunnels. At the same time, they get incoming packets, unwrapping, and decrypting the information.

This VPN solution also:

  • controls the process of authentication;
  • arranges IP addresses for all customers;
  • manages the cryptographic keys;
  • coordinates network connection via advanced protocols.

Broadly speaking, they work like regular routers but they offer an additional layer of protection onto the connection in the network.

Why use them?

VPN concentrators can be incredibly useful, especially for companies and organizations. Businesses usually use advanced systems that are linked via a network. If the companies want their networks to be protected, they need to use VPNs, as these services are able to secure all the information.

The VPN tunnels exist independently from one another, so there is no chance that the information will be revealed at any stage of the process. These smart solutions were invented particularly for handling VPN connections.

Furthermore, VPN concentrators are able to manage over 10000 users without effort, making them essential for big corporations. However, small businesses can also take advantage of these cool devices.

Main advantages of a VPN Concentrator

As we already mentioned, VPN concentrators help to protect the connection at the highest possible level. Here is why it is important.

  • Security

If a business doesn’t protect its networks, it can be dangerous. Hackers can infect computers in the company and steal business info. VPN concentrators launch the specific tunnels that encrypt data to prevent any incursions.

  • Speed

The VPN tunnels are created instantly. In other words, you get fast and secure connections whenever you need them.

  • Multifunctionality

Nowadays, there are no VPN concentrators per se, as they also operate as multi-faceted routers. However, you should bear in mind that there are also regular routers on the market, so it is better to know the difference.

  • Remote work

These concentrators help people to work from home safely. If you need to work from a remote desktop and still have a safe connection, it is a great idea to consider advanced VPN services. And your company might already use it.

Bottom line

In brief, the VPN concentrator is a specialized router that uses much more high-level technologies and methods. Their main purpose is to offer customers a high level of privacy and protection. It is incredibly important when it comes to business purposes.